Monday, January 12, 2009

Emmalynne Michelle

Welcome to the world baby girl. :O) We will post the story soon, but I knew you all were chomping at the bit for some baby pics.

Emmalynne Michelle : 7lbs 14oz 19.5 inches

Proudest Sister on the Planet. She's so in love it's not even funny.

Brody is quite the Doting Brother. He wants to hold her constantly, and I'm glad that he has taken to her so well. :O)

Kavan is just enthralled with how "cute her is!"

And he insists on giving her lots of kisses. Last night it was 4. One for each cheek and then forehead and chin. That's apparently the new bedtime routine.

Sweetness comes wearing pink flowers.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome 2009

Well here we are in 2009 already! I feel as though this season of celebrating, merriment, programs, feasting, traveling and visiting not only crept up on us, but then stole away before we knew we were amongst it. Since it seems there have been other things occupying our thoughts, I'm not convinced that we gave this holiday season all the time and consideration that we could have. We will have to make a more concerted effort next year to make the time which spans from November through January carry a bit more meaning and tradition. We actually did lots of really fun and wonderful things together this year, many documented here on the blog even, but perhaps we were a bit distracted with preparations for a new arrival. ;O)

But we are now indeed presented with a new year, and there are many new rich opportunities quietly awaiting us to spend time together as family and as friends, in service and in celebration, in gladness and sorrow, in tough times and times of triumph, as brothers and sisters in Christ and as members of humanity. Moments given to us to build each other up, and moments also to be carried by others. How blessed are we that we have each other to love and cherish, and that God has woven all of our paths together in His perfect way. We begin this year in thankfulness for the blessings He has given to us all, and those He sees fit yet to give. We hope your holiday season was full of joy and laughter, and that your New Year is started off upon the right foot - one firmly standing upon the Rock of Salvation.

The Splitty Family