Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back In The Saddle

I could open this post with a profuse apology for our year-and-a-half absence from the blogosphere, but to be quite honest, I think we can all agree that the Splitty Family has had a lot going on around here and blogging just wasn't at the forefront of my mind. :O) Combine that with an usually frequent amount of computer and internet problems and you have a formula for "blog blackout". But at the behest of several family and friends, I have decided to give it another go and make the attempt to blog semi-regularly again.

It seems so long ago that I last blogged (well, actually, it really WAS long ago...) and there seems to be so much to catch up on, I feel like I will have to get back in the saddle again, so to speak. I have lots of great pictures I want to post, and I have a calendar I would like to get onto the sidebar again so that extended family members can keep track of the goings-on around here. This is another busy month for us, but perhaps not quite as crazy as May! As most of you know that are close to us, May was a bit over the top, what with soccer games and practices for two, Kindergarten graduation, Spring plays, Mother's Day Tea, softball practices, sports camps, hatching baby chicks, painting the house, etc. Now June finds us all at the ball field on many evenings, watching Maddie play softball and enjoying Kavan embark on his first year of T-Ball. We also have VBS this week, and swimming lessons right around the corner, not to mention Father's Day to celebrate and the garden to finish planting. Those are all posts that I will try to write separately so that I can include some pictures for each. For now I would like to make this a "welcome back" post, with a recap of our year and a half in pictures. I think I have them chronologically ordered, but truth be told I can get a little mixed up! These are starting from where we left off back in October of 2009!! I hope you enjoy the look back, and here's hoping that we will be visiting together regularly in this space for at least a little while!

Carving the Halloween Pumpkins '09

Pretty Renaissance Princess '09

Dashing Dino '09

Brave Batman! '09

A Gymnastics Birthday for Maddie and Kavan. November '09

Christmas Cookie helpers! '09

Snowed in for Christmas!! '09

A delayed and much awaited Christmas at Grandma's!

Emma's first crack at our Birthday Tradition of the breakfast candle! Jan 2010

Maddie's 2nd Valentine Adventure. Feb 2010

Bathtime Buddies April 2010

Memorial Day with the cousins, May 2010. Back when Lisa and I only had 7 kids!

Maddie's first year of Softball. Summer 2010

Brody's first time heading to school, preschool that is! Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Emma helping with the Fall chores. September 2010

Audrianna Jean joins our family! October 2010

Trying to get the basement bedrooms done, glad we have good help!

Happy Halloween 2010! And yes, we did grow those pumpkins!

Happy birthday again! Kavan turns 6 and Maddie 8. Nov 2010

Smiling already! Audri's growing fast, Winter 2010.

Christmas 2010. I know it's not the best picture, but I couldn't them all to stay still at the same time!! I have great separate pictures that I will add later in a holiday post.

Kavan's first Valentine Adventure, Maddie's 3rd and final time. Feb 2011.

Hammin' it up in the winter gear! Brody winter 2011.

Maddie as Mother Owl for her Spring Play. April 2011.

Best soccer goal celebration ever! Kavan and Maddie both tried soccer for the first time this Spring and they BOTH really enjoyed it! May 2011.

Audri pulling up to stand already! May 2011.

Grandpa Dave comes to visit with belated Easter Baskets which held great new swimsuits! Oh, and bubbles! May 2011.

Kavan graduates from Kindergarten!! May 2011.

Grandpa also brought an incubator and a dozen eggs, so exciting!! (Little did he know he'd be here to see them hatch!! Pictures of our freshly painted house coming soon!)

Thanks so much for stopping by, God's blessings on your week!
The Splitty Family

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Summer on the Green

One of the childrens' favorite summer activities was having a picnic on our very own lawn. We packed up whatever portable lunch we had on hand and would hit the green. These cute little quilts have come in really handy, we found them at a thrift shop in York. This way they each have their own space for their picnic items, and no one is knocking over anyone else's food. Now I need to find one more for Emma!

Oh great, here comes mom with the camera again...

I don't know what this face is...but I like it.

Sweet summertime!!

Summer Cousins

This summer we had lots of special visitors, and amongst our favorites was our newest extended Splitty family member, sweet Asher Aaron. He's just about 8 weeks Emma's junior, but she looks like she could clobber put it gently...

Oh my word, I just want to EAT those CHEEKS!

Where you think you're goin'?

So, what shall we do? Lay on the floor? Drool? I can try to eat your nose, the big ones get a real kick out of that trick.

What? I'm not hurting him! He likes it!Would you just look at the rolls on that girl, someone get that boy a bottle of whole milk!

The Spoils of Summer

My children LOVE watermelon. I really can't quite express it in words, so the following pictures are submitted for your viewing pleasure as evidence of this summertime passion. You can almost feel the juice running down your chin can't you?

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Sweet Splitty Summer

The summer of 2009 is now behind us, and for the Splitty Family it seemed to have simply flown right by! It was such a lovely, mild summer and we thank the Good Lord for such beautiful weather for so many months. The temperatures have now turned cooler (and snow has even fallen, gasp!) and it seems appropriate to reflect back upon this last season spent as a family enjoying the lazy days and long evenings. Here are some of the sweeter moments and memories created these last few months, spending the summer as a family of 6 for the very first time! This is the first in a series of summer posts to touch base with all of you whom we haven't seen in too long! (And just a little hello to those of you we get to see a bit more frequently!)

Sweet flowers from my littlest loves

One year of preschool done, one year to go!

Kindergarten conquered!!

So proud, so adorable, so very Maddie. I'll keep her.

Til Next Time