Friday, October 16, 2009

A Sweet Splitty Summer

The summer of 2009 is now behind us, and for the Splitty Family it seemed to have simply flown right by! It was such a lovely, mild summer and we thank the Good Lord for such beautiful weather for so many months. The temperatures have now turned cooler (and snow has even fallen, gasp!) and it seems appropriate to reflect back upon this last season spent as a family enjoying the lazy days and long evenings. Here are some of the sweeter moments and memories created these last few months, spending the summer as a family of 6 for the very first time! This is the first in a series of summer posts to touch base with all of you whom we haven't seen in too long! (And just a little hello to those of you we get to see a bit more frequently!)

Sweet flowers from my littlest loves

One year of preschool done, one year to go!

Kindergarten conquered!!

So proud, so adorable, so very Maddie. I'll keep her.

Til Next Time

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Colleen said...

Oh my gosh, I'm not ready to see Maddy in a cap and gown...turning off computer now...