Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Today we see Broderick in action again, as he takes his first "big boy bath" without the help of the tub chair. He has very discreet hand-placement, wouldn't you agree? I'm sure you all appreciate his graceful modesty...that is until he stands up...And seriously, what could be cuter than a baby in a bathrobe?!
I think (HOPE) he's smiling because he just LOVES bath time!

Now THAT is good product placement!!

Is it just me, or does he look like he's either really surprised that there's a spout coming out of the wall, or asking it "You talkin' to me like that? Because I don't appreciate your tone Mr. Water Spout."

Nice leg action baby! I love me some Brody thunder thighs, they match mine. We're definitely related. I'm sure he'll thank me for that later.

Cutest. Robe. Shot. Ever. :O)

Brody vs. the Bathroom

Note: The following posts are a "spin-off", if you will, from the bathroom saga began at the "Attack of the Splits" blog. I guess I'm a sucker for any cute commentaries regarding children and the bathroom, the two seem to be an unbeatable combination.

As you can see in the accompanying pictures, Broderick has taken an extreme liking to destroying the Splitty Home Bathroom, particularly the toilet area. Twice, recently, I've noticed that he's a bit quiet and have gone looking for him, only to discover that he has indulged the deepest desires of his 10-month old heart and completely "trashed" this current area of interest. Come along with me, won't you, as we see him in action! :O)

Huh, what? Me? Caught you Red-handed, little red...

Toilet Paper on the floor, magazines and Kleenex spilled, potty chair taken apart, Clorox jug overturned...Signs of a struggle....(Clearly, he thinks he's soooooooo very funny)

My Toilet!

This was day number two, evidence suggests that the contents of the trash can somehow jumped into the toilet bowl....let's investigate further, shall we??

This young man was found at the scene but was staring inside the toilet just as surprised and shocked as his mother...

Haaaaaahahaha, it was ME mom! Stop looking at me like that, I can't keep a straight face! No more pictures!!

Broderick: 2
Bathroom: 0
Here's to the wars yet to be waged on the porcelain frontier. Bring it on.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Okay, so in celebration of my (totally unplanned and accidental) one month blogging hiatus, I thought I would actually post (you lucky reader you), YIPEE! And to all of my adoring fans......um, yeah, all 3 of you, lol.... I apologize from the depths of my soul and promise to go into complete and utter self loathing for at least, say, 8 minutes to compensate for the agony my procrastination may have caused. Sound fair?? Fabulous. There has, alas, been much activity around the Splitty household in the last month, so I will try to do a series of posts this week to get us all caught up, deal? Deal. No lashings required, right? Thanks. I appreciate your compassion and understanding, really I do. I so enjoy these little one-sided conversations we have, me and you. It makes me feel like all is good and well with the world, being as you're so agreeable when I do the talking for you and all. Let's do this more often, shall we? Riiiiight, anywho....

Let's start with the St. Paul School's Family Fall Festival. Wow, now say that out loud five times fast and see how much spit you can get on your screen. Nice. This event took place one week before Halloween and Maddie got to make the public debut of her Pink Princess Fairy costume, she was all a-twitter. There was a great turnout and lots of fun activities for us to enjoy. First was the Hay Rack ride, next off to make a pumpkin craft, then a few times through a fun maze that the 5th-8th graders constructed in their classrooms, (which Kavan kept mysteriously disappearing to run through over and over and over and over again, because there was a black light area at the end and it made his shoes light up really bright white, and that's super cool when you're two years old, or 28, whichever) and lastly the Trunk-or-Treating! What is Trunk-or-Treating you say? Allow me. This is a really neat idea that involves having each family park their vehicle with its trunk facing the sidewalk. Next, fill it with cool decorations and delightful candy. Then position a lawn chair nearby or enjoy the comfy repose of a chilly bumper. And finally, receive an enormous line of excited and candy hungry school children to partake in the bounty of your vehicular confections. It's pretty cool, if I do say so myself. It's like speed-dating (you know, with the timed sessions and the score cards, bells ringing in the background) ...only applied to trick-or-treating and children. A whole evening's worth of "houses" visited in a matter of mere minutes. Nobody gets tired, nobody gets ran over, lots of candy ends up in the bucket/bag and everyone goes home happy! More things in life should create such tremendous results, don't you think?? Here's the pictures to satisfy the masses...um right, again, all THREE of you. Later I will post about the REAL Halloween, so stay tuned and don't touch that dial. Wait, my computer doesn't have dials, does yours? Anyone? Hmmm. There I go with the one-sided conversations again, maybe I should get out of the house more.
Ain't She Purdy? And what's with those dimples?? Hello Kelly!!

My hand, young prince. Kavan kept kissing it, and no one really knows where he got that from, but Maddie seemed to think it was well deserved.

We met up with all of our friends from school. Maddie was the cutest one there, and I can say that because I'm her mother. You can think that, but you can't say it, because you're not her mom, and that would be rude. Really rude for Pete's sake, I mean who would be so judgmental like that??

The hay-rack ride was pretty fun. They all had big smiles the whole time.

Okay, now that's a cute kid. He's giving that other girl a run for her money. If only he had worn his costume, but he was afraid of it. Yeah, that's right, you heard me.

Future Martha Stewart Craft editor.

Future Martha Stewart Cr...wait, What? No, I meant future Pro Baseball player, yeah, that's what I meant. That's our 3rd and 4th grade teacher Mrs. Luce, she's my fav. She's a really great teacher! :O)