Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baptisms and Birthdays! (And Bye Bye Winter...)

These are a long time coming I realize, but better late than never, right?? Here's the whole fam at Emma's baptism waaaaaay back in January. Jami and OJ are close family friends of ours and were very excited about being Emma's sponsors. Oh, and we won't go into details about how the baptism went....will we Brody? Ahem. (If you want to you can click on the photos to enlarge them.)

And my Big Man Brody turned 2! We celebrated both occasions together with family and friends at our home, enjoying some of dad's favorite Jello Poke Cake. Yummm! (Brody just has the greatest smile, doesn't he?! It's so contagious! Which does NOT come in handy whilst trying to discipline...)

Would you check out those cheeks?!? I'm pretty sure he'll play a mean trumpet when the time comes...

Now you can't tell it from this photo, because he was skooching his feet away from the wall and slumping down, but he actually measured almost a good inch taller than Kavan at this age! You can see the writing on the poster where the two names are at the left of his head. Must be that huge noggin of his!

And yes, we did manage to get some snowmen built this year. Of course Emma wasn't much help, she was too busy sleeping, eating and growing! This particular masterpiece here was one of the kids' better snow"people". This is the red hat version...which Kavan insisted was a boy....

Unfortunately it was a cross-dresser...and Kavan would have none of that! He opted out of this photo due to strong emotional distress over the placing of a crown on his snow"man"!

Maddie and her Snow"princess". All girl, that one is. And in case you're wondering: Yes, she did plan the purple scarf to match her coat, that was all part of the creative process. Indeed.
So good bye winter, on to spring, and summer will be here next weekend! Father's day is around the corner! I do apologize for the lag in posting, I'll try to get those pictures of Morrill hall up today or tomorrow as time allows. And we have ever so much else to share as well!! Hope to see you around here soon!

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Colleen said...

I love that snowman with the crown on! Perfection!