Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Love My Boys

It was brought to my attention that my last post was a little "female focused" if you will. :O) So I thought it appropriate to do a little "ode to my boys" here at the blog. These boys make me smile daily, always keeping me on my toes, and always good for a laugh! Here are just a few of the many, MANY reasons I do so LOVE my boys!!

They still fight over who gets to sit next to Emma

They adore jumping off of furniture...

and acting like homeless harmonica players... Don't you just want to give him your loose change??
Because it's ALWAYS Tool Time! And what's Tool Time without safety goggles??
Because This one likes Goggles. They help him navigate the rough waters of the tub. Can we get a close up of this please?
Thank you. I needed that.

I love that the firemen in my home always have their power drills at the ready...

Even in their pajamas...

And I especially love that THEY love to help daddy with the outside work...so I don't have to!

This is Brody's version of delegating...

And my Biggest Boy even gives me flowers. I love that boy the most!
I'm so very thankful that God has blessed us with both sons and daughters. It truly is a wonder to see how very different they are. Even though I am still getting used to the ways of little boys (really loud, aggressive, excited, fast, rough, and crazy!) I love them to pieces and am always excited to see what the next day will bring. They may play rough and tough, but they sure can melt your heart and warm you down to your toes. They do EVERYTHING big, and that includes loving! Kavan is always the first to give Emma her kisses and hugs, and tell everyone good morning! And even though sometimes I'm a little scared he may just squeeze her to death, I just relish the fact that he wants to love on her so much! And Brody is such a great snuggler. If you're sittin' in the living room, you better scootch on over and make room for him, because he's a comin'! Sometimes they're a little rough, and tend to pinch, poke, prod and pounce all over me. But you know what? I'll take it, because I know that's how God made them, and God made them for me to love, and I can't think of a better way than to pounce right back!

P.S. - As I was sifting through pictures on my computer I realized that I hadn't posted about Emmalynne's baptism and Broderick's birthday. That shall be the next post. And after that we have a nicely documented trip to Morrill Hall. Just wait until you see some of the boys' expressions! They love them some dinosaurs!! Until next time...


Colleen said...

Kavan has great energy..and lots of it! And Brody has such funny facial expressions, like: "Umm..why are you talking to my Mom so much? Go away!"

Anonymous said...

Where/what is Morrill Hall??

Missouri grandpa