Monday, April 6, 2009

March: In like a lamb....out like a lion?

March came in so nicely: springy weather, temps in the 70's, grasses greening, tulips poking up through the soil, leaves budding, kids playing the day away OUTSIDE, oh so lovely!! Then the snow came.... And out March went like a lion, turning that age old saying on its head. So, while the wind howls out my window, and the temperatures stay in the 30's this 6th day of April, I am stuck indoors and have decided to post a small update here on the bloggy. Emma is still growing like a weed, a chubby adorable little weed with lots of cute rolls, smiles, coos and drool. :O) She is now tipping the scales at over 14 pounds. She likes to nurse. A lot.

Maddie had her first instrumental music concert. She played three different instruments and did some "creative movement" set to music. It was really great to watch and she even sang a solo! She did a wonderful job and we are so proud of her!!

Here she is "being a firefly" :O)

Emma is "talking" our ears of nowadays, and the sisterly girl chat just warms my heart!
We will be out of town this coming weekend celebrating Christ's victory over the grave and also Grandpa Splittgerber's 80th birthday in Norfolk. Hopefully we can catch some great pictures of everyone in their spiffy Easter digs! :O) Bring on the Easter egg hunts! Hope your Easter is lovely and remember: He is RISEN! He is RISEN INDEED!


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Colleen said...

Maddy's hair is so long!! And Emma is SO cute! What size is she?

Don, Aimee, Kaitlyn and Kysen said...

Ahhh precious! I cannot believe how Maddy looks sooooo much like you! Happy Easter!