Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two Months...

The Bestest Spot To Rest
Peek-a-boo, I see you Daddy

Still begs to hold her daily...

The Stare Down

Also still begs to hold her Daily...

His new favorite way to watch TV. His Blankie, his thumb, his Emma. :O)

Well Hello there Maddie...er, Emma. That chin looks so familiar, hmmm
The past two months have literally flown by! These are just a few snapshots of the little one as she has grown...in length and girth, lol. Notice the chin, if you will, by the last photo. We like it. A lot. :O) I will be posting again this week with other pictures from the last two months, just a few of my favorite things. God's Blessings on your week!


The Luebbe Family said...

My goodness she is precious. :) What a precious blessing sent from above. I can't wait to see her this week. I have a big bag of goodies for you, sweet princess.

This almost, ALMOST makes my ovaries tingle... but not quite yet. :D

Oh, and we should sing this song on your playlist- the more I seek you. Beautiful!!!

Colleen said...

Ohhh....she is GORGEOUS! And yes! She looks JUST like Maddy!!! Hmmmm..feeling the itch to go clothing shopping for children today.....love the new layout too! Miss your witty comments on my blog!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Especially the one of Emma, Brody and his thumb. So precious. BTW - when you are feeling brave enough, Caydee has been asking to come over again.