Friday, June 15, 2007

Brotherly Love

It's Just Me and You, Kid.

And a very special thank you to Uncle Tony and Aunt Lisa for the Spiderman pj's. :O)


Laura Beune said...

Hi guys!
It was SO good to see your kids and a glimpse of your daily life. God has certainly blessed you with a healthy, happy family! I should be doing wedding plans, but checking out your darling kids seemed like a nice break. Oh, I just heard from Kale, and he is hoping to make the NE reception as well. Give him a little harrassment to make sure he comes ( : Thanks for sharing this with me, and see you soon!


Uncle Ton said...

Thats right - those are great pajamas. Kav, you look good! Don't worry brody - you'll get yours someday.

The Splitty Family said...

Thanks for stopping by Laura! Glad we could share it with you too, and provide a nice diversion from all that wedding planning!! And yeah, Ton, we better be seeing something pretty cool for Brody's version. :O)

Colleen said...

I think Ryan has those same pajamas...

The Splitty Family said...

LOL....nice.... :O)