Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Man and His Grill

So the story begins like this: Kelly's good friend Eric has a NCAA tournament bracket every year. Out of the 40 who tried their hand at predicting how the tournament would play out, Kelly got lucky and won it all! Hmmm, what to do with the winnings?? GRILL TIME. It started out as a Sears Kenmore with a wood grain cabinet, but after being back-ordered and damaged, it turned into this lovely stainless steel Charbroil with the extra burner on the left. Needless to say, we've had lots of grilled food lately, and we're all very happy about the development. :O)

For Father's Day we decided to supplement our new grill with the appropriate accessories and such! This manifested itself as a five piece Pampered Chef grill set, complete with matching carrying case, grilling glove/mit and skewers (in the center zippered pouch). Yay for Ebay!

Ah, a man and his grill. Bring on the summertime!

By the way, we expect all of you to stop by some time for the grilled main course of your choice!


Colleen said...

Oh my GIANT GORGEOUS GRILL!!!! We are salivating over here....especially Ryan. We um, have that grill set...for our tiny, insignifigant grill.........I'm so happy you guys won that. That's AMAZING. And Kelly looks like a natural. Grilled food is so much better. So when are we invited for barbeque?

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Nerine said...

Well written article.