Thursday, June 14, 2007

Project: Dishwasher

Things started out easily enough. I cleaned through our hutch and pared down on our dishes to keep things looking tidy and clean.

Then we had the idea of recovering our kitchen chairs because they were looking so dreadfully dirty. And hey, doesn't Mona still have some leftover fabric from when she made our kitchen curtains? Maybe they can bring that up with them when they visit for Easter! Thus ensued the next project: Thank you to MONA (for cutting out all the pieces just right and finding more of the same fabric at JoAnns!) and DAD (for so masterfully manning the staple gun of course! And for pulling out all those nasty staples!) The chairs look really great and it gave the kitchen a whole new look! Very cozy and, where's that can of Scotch Guard??

Then my mom and Butch called and said they were coming up to put in a dishwasher as a surprise for the fam! It should only take us a long weekend. Riiiiiiiiight. Well.....Four trips and two months later....drum roll please...

This is the "Finished" Product!

I use that term loosely because we still need to "finish" some electrical odds and ends and then put up a tile back-splash. But the big stuff is done and we couldn't be happier! Not only did we get the dishwasher, but since we had to raise the counter tops two inches, he put on new laminate. (He can now give you the name of the glue that doesn't work so hot for putting on new laminate... unless you have lots of heavy rocks to hold it down for the night!) And while he had the saw out and all his tools at the ready...he figured he'd put in an over the range microwave hood as well. WOOHOO! (Not to mention we had to completely overhaul the old electrical system and run a new line to the house...fuses to breakers, 100 to 220...something like that...) I think we can all agree it was well worth the wait, and my dishes and hands thank you!
Thank you BUTCH and MOM!


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Colleen said...

A dishwasher is a gift from God. I'm so glad you have one. I have forgotten how to wash my own dishes at this point.