Friday, June 15, 2007

The Strawberry Patch

We have the best neighbors! They have a HUGE strawberry patch in their side yard and they have so graciously invited us to frequent it as often as we like. This was our THIRD time going over there, and there are still lots of berries to be had. Kavanaugh is our fruit and veggie boy, so he was in heaven, especially after Mommy added the fresh cream! The last two times we also had old-fashioned homemade pound cake to accompany the strawberries and whipped cream. The recipe makes two loaves, so we gave our neighbors a loaf out of thanks! Mmmm, Strawberry Delight!


Colleen said...

Those strawberries make me SO hungry! Mmmmmm......we need neighbors who grow strawberries and bring them over...oh wait, we live in Broomfield. Right.

Colleen said...

That picture of strawberries seriously looks like something you would see in Real Simple. Are you working for them? Because all your pictures have that "perfect life" feel......... : )

The Splitty Family said...

Yes, Real Simple called last month and I'm hired. :O) I WISH! It's easy to take such pictures, you see, since we DO have that "perfect life" I've gotta go break up another argument and change another poopie diaper, catch you later.
(Actually, we are pretty blessed, God is so good!)