Monday, July 2, 2007


Well, Broderick is quickly coming upon his 6 month birthday, and we thought that an update on his latest achievements was in order! He has been busy keeping up with big brother and sister, and exploring anything he can get his hands on by promptly popping it into his mouth. In the meantime he has also decided that sitting up is much more interesting than rolling around on the floor! So, he started "officially" sitting up without the "Mommy Net" to catch him about three weeks ago. Once he had that mastered, he noted that being mobile was much more intriguing than staying put! As an added bonus he can now try to get into anything that his lovely siblings have left lying around on the floor, let the baby-proofing begin!! He has just started to really get the hang of it this week.

Bring it on UNICORN!

And on a final note, as you can see in this lovely picture, the drool has really begun to flow around the Splitty home lately. This picture was taken last week, and as of yesterday he has two bottom teeth! Go Chompers!
Along with those teeth, a much wider culinary horizon has dawned! To date he has now eaten avocado, banana, sweet potatoes and brown rice porridge. All of which have been lovingly homemade by momma Splitty. Yum. His favorite style of eating thus far is "self-fed"...also known as, try to grab the spoon out of mom's hand while she is trying to put it into my mouth, leave half of the bite on my nose and chin, then suck on said spoon for a few seconds and drop it on the floor or tray as a clear sign that I am now ready for more...Gotta love those independent types, what a man. ;O)


Colleen said...

He is so cute!!! I can't really tell who he looks like yet..but he's cute, whoever that is... I love the picture of him vs. the unicorn!!! At this stage, the unicorn might win, just because he has a horn and can stand up. Love you guys!

Colleen said...

And, as an afterthought can I just say that your carpet is AMAZINGLY clean??? I don't think my carpet has EVER looked that good (even when it was NEW!). What kind of vacuum are you using???

Rodrigo said...
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