Sunday, July 15, 2007

Brother Blogger

Alas! We are not alone here in the Splitty family blogosphere! Another set of brave souls have come forth into the great bloggy unknown. This is Kelly's older brother's family's new blog. (And YES, that is how all of those apostrophes are supposed to be! Trust me, I checked!! LOL!)
And this is Kelly's younger brother's family's new blog:

There are also links in our nifty sidebar there on your right, under "The Blogroll". Hope to see you there!

Edited to add: My dear friend Colleen also has a LOVELY blog that chronicles the adventures of being an event florist. She runs her own business and she is SO SO SO SO talented! If you love gorgeous flowers then you must go check it out! It's some of the best I have ever seen...if I do say so myself...and I am SO not biased! :O)


Colleen said...

And if people want to visit my blog (because nobody does : ( ..oh wait, I can't spell it. How do you put all those cool things on your blog, like books and stuff? I am not smart enough for this.

Colleen said...

Here is the link to my blog...

Hope that helps.