Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Butterfly Whisperer

Maddingly is in love with catching anything and everything that crawls, creeps and flies in the great outdoors. A few weeks back, Kelly bought each of them a "bug box" for them to keep their amazing creatures contained (instead of using mommy's jars!) and they have been happily filling them on a daily basis. At any particular time you will find these cages full of praying mantises, crickets, ladybugs, roly polies, grasshoppers, toads or moths. Maddie is forever on the hunt for that ever elusive Butterfly, and today she finally caught one! She was absolutely thrilled! She came in screaming so much that I thought she was injured! Of course they spent the rest of the day fighting over whose turn it was to hold the cage. The butterfly ate supper with us in the middle of the table, and slept with the kids last night on their dresser. She is currently outside helping Kavanaugh and Daddy with the yard work. :O)


Colleen said...

That first picture is so amazing! You have a great eye for photography and should do more!! And Maddy is pretty cute too. Tell her I miss her!

Ryan, Brienne & Carter said...

These are pretty cool pictures. How about we go and get some praying mantis' from the back yard and show uncle Ryan?