Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Double A's

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of having Tony, Alexandra and Addison here to visit for the day while Lisa was at a conference at Concordia. The "menfolk" mainly relaxed outside with some beverages and baseball. The children enjoyed playing the day away inside in the nice A/C! In the end, lots of fun (and berry buckle cake) were had by all! Lisa came by later (No thanks to Tony....ahem) and had supper with us all. Thanks for coming to visit guys, hope to see you again soon!

Alexandra and Kavan likey the cakey

Maybe Kavan likes it a little more....

Ummm, are you HUGGING me?? I'll have to think about that....

Now THAT is Tony all over!!!!


Imperial Family said...

We had a great time! I would love to have a copy of that picture of Addison. Lisa

Colleen said...

How cute!! Yeah, Kavan likes his cake. Me too Kav!!!! Also, love the pictures of the Nebraska field! You should take more pictures because you really have a good eye for it!

Ryan, Brienne & Carter said...

The kids are growing up so fast. It just makes you think about when we were all kids and all the good memories we made with our own cousins. It's nice to see our kids doing the same.

We need to get back soon so Carter can join in! These posts are making Brienne and I homesick!

The Splitty Family said...

We need to get together again Lisa! I emailed you that picture, let me know if it came through. And Ryan, YES, you guys need to get back here so we can get Carter in on all the action! Brody is the loner! He needs a buddy! How's the school work coming? Are you still graduating in December? We hope to see you soon!