Monday, August 13, 2007

Our Village Heritage Days

A few weeks back our little village here in Nebraska held its annual Heritage Days Festival. There was lots to do and see for the whole family the entire weekend, and plenty of fun to be had with our friends! The weekend started off with a pancake feed on the main street with the "Pancake Man" and entertainment provided by the Ultimate Dance Force Cloggers. (Clogging is big here....I'm not sure why, it just is...) So we ate up and enjoyed the dancing (Kavanaugh the eating and Maddingly the dancing, lol.)

Next there was a craft show, antique/old tractor show and a car show. We stopped in to see all the happenings and then headed over to the "Party Bounce". Maddingly was having so much fun bouncing that I could barely get her to leave for lunch! Kavanaugh, on the other hand, very much wanted to try but then freaked out when we actually put him in there. (Note: We later figured out that it was because there were too many kids in there who were a bit bigger than he, and that's what caused the fright. We had another chance to attend the bouncing house the next day at the park, and the nice man let Kavan have a jump all to himself. He was elated! I unfortunately didn't have the camera, but needless to say, he was as hard to pry away as Maddie had been! I'm so glad he was able to enjoy it after all!)

After that we headed to lunch out in the park with our friends! There was a parade that afternoon, at which the children collected FAR too much candy, and then horse rides (Maddingly's personal highlight of the day) and train rides on the square! I couldn't take pictures of the train rides because I was ON the train, lol! After the rides there was a tractor pull for the kids, which I had never seen in my life, it was very "small town Nebraska", and Maddingly WON her division, ha!! As you can see in the next picture, she's one of the smallest in her class (only two girls are shorter than her) and yet she's as strong as a little ox! We can actually go to the State Fair now and have her compete there if we want, but I doubt we will. That night there were fireworks at the park, and it was a pretty good display. We could see them from our backyard, which was nice because the mosquitos were pretty thick! The next day was a little more relaxed, with a few kid games at the tennis courts and a stick horse rodeo at the park. We ate supper at the park and that was the end of celebration! We really appreciate that the village puts on such a nice weekend! Come visit us next year and we'll take you around with us!

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