Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring is Finally Here

Well, spring has officially sprung, at least according to the calendar. The 6-12 inches of snow that fell here in Nebraska really tells a slightly different story. Lucky for us the storm was mostly west and north of us, we really squeaked by with a little cold, windy weather and a few flurries.

Of course, along with the eventual warmer weather comes the joys of taking care of your very own land. The family worked together last weekend to clean out the garage and breezeway, and did some clearing out of leaves from the shrubs and bushes. Kelly finished it all up by hauling off the last of some lingering "gifts" the last owner left us that were still matriculating in the backyard.

Soon it will be time to mow once again, so Kelly has gotten all of the proper equipment in running order. Kavanaugh had lots of fun being his assistant mechanic. We had such nice weather last weekend that we even grilled out for the first time this year, and it was DELICIOUS!

Now we have some decisions to make regarding what to do with the yard as a whole. We would like to do some landscaping around the house, and I would like to finally have a garden, being as we have the perfect spot and perfect soil and all....Let's just hope we can have the perfect amount of time to get it done. :O) Are any of you putting in gardens this year? What are you planning to grow? There is a plant sale being sponsored by Tony and Lisa's school, and another one here in our village being put on by the local high school's FFA chapter. I guess I had better get to making up my mind soon!

Fort making is always a fun way to spend the afternoon inside when it's a blustery day outdoors.

In other news, Maddingly is getting super excited about starting Kindergarten next year. She has already had her "round-up" day and next month there is a "step-up" day for all those who are registered to attend St. Paul. She is getting so big! She has actually been walking to and from school every day now, which has been fun to watch. I can see her big pink back-pack swinging madly as she runs all the way! (We can witness the whole journey from the comfort of our large back window, so it's very mommy friendly.) She and Kelly just had a "Dad's science night" at preschool, and they had a pretty fun time together. Tie dye was involved, so that's always a sure thing, right?

Kavanaugh is also getting excited about preschool. He has his open house/registration night on the 18th of April. He loves the preschool room and always wants to stay there when we do take Maddie to school or pick her up (in the case of inclement weather). I will be taking all three children to the York children's museum in a few weeks with the preschool as a field trip driver. I'll be sure to take some pictures of that, it's a really nice little place that has just been remodeled and updated.
Here is Broderick at his first birthday party in January.
The cake is supposed to be baby blocks.

Broderick is still growing like a weed, though he isn't growing any hair! :O) He has given up the bear walk altogether, and has since been running at full speed to keep up with the big'uns. He is working on getting four molars right now, so he's a bit cranky and drooly at the moment. Other than that he really is a very happy child. He has a great time playing with Maddingly, and an equally dramatic time going tit for tat with his older brother. They do occasionally smile at each other and impart a hug, but then it's back to the screaming, pulling, pushing, taking, throwing, wrestling, yelling, running, chasing, and "playing". They are fun to watch entertainment and all that.

He was a little anxious to get into the tub.
Couldn't be bothered with taking his pajamas off or any such nonsense.

I'm always so amazed at the things the children will pick up without my knowing it. Recently Broderick has surprised me on more than one occasion by helping me without my asking him to do so. When I was loading the dishwasher, he proceeded to grab the dishwashing detergent out of the cabinet and start "filling up" the little cup! Then later that week when the oven timer went off, he went to the drawer and pulled out my hot pads, brought them to me and led me to the oven! I started laughing because I really never showed him those things intentionally, he's just very observant. And cute. Seriously cute.

I also had a vacation to Las Vegas recently, the first since I've had children. It was nice, but even nicer to get back home. If you want to see the regaling of the trip, head on over to Colleen's blog, she has been posting pictures and a narrative. Kelly is currently on his way home from KC, his annual trip to see our friends Eric and Melissa....oh, and the Yankees. :O) So we both had a break of sorts this season and now I'm sure we're refreshed and ready to take on the summer! We may be joining Tony's family and class at Camp Luther in a few weeks for his annual spring trip. I'll keep you posted.

On the extended home front, I thought I would give those of you who don't know an update on Travis, aka " My Brother The Marine". He just had his 20th birthday!! He is currently deployed in Afghanistan right now, so please keep him in your prayers. He will be there for 7-9 months, if all goes according to plan. My sister Lindsey is now graduated from high school and currently taking classes at the local community college. I feel soooo old. Really.
That's the "Marine Face" there in the middle.

I like this smile a little better. :O)

Well, that's all for now. There's lots of great things going on, and things that already went on that we need to catch up on, so I'll do my best. God's blessings on your spring!!




Ryan Oakes said...

Love the updated blog! Totally awesome!!!

Colleen said...

Your brother and sister are so OLD! But still cute. Did you make that cake for Brody?? WAY TO GO!