Saturday, July 5, 2008

May and June - Getting Caught Up

May and June were such busy months for the Splitty Family! Lots of fun was had and fellowship with friends and family shared. Here are a few snapshots of what made these last two months fly by!

Memorial Day Weekend spent with Kelly's parents and his Brother's family. Grandma provided the entertainment!

I think she wants me to move...Alexandra likes to catch the bubbles with her tongue! Check out Kavan's face in this one, lol! What is that?

Look! She does smile!! Yay!

Grandpa Dave and Grandma Mona came to visit....
And they brought with them the Christmas presents that had been waiting patiently in their garage in Missouri.
A red Jeep for Kavan and a yellow Corvette for Maddie.
We were all a little jealous of the Corvette...seriously, the thing even has a working radio and headlights! What's the weight limit on that again?

Maddie went roller skating for the first time! This was her school's annual end of the year skate party. She had LOTS of fun! (Yes, yes, I had to roller skate too...I couldn't let her hang on to everyone else all night...No no, it was much more fun to let her hang off of me and pull ME down whenever she took a dive.)
We just spent a wonderful Fourth of July with family and friends, and I will be posting those pictures this week. Thanks for all of you who helped kick our summer off to a great start!

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Colleen said...

Love the new pictures....I kind of want that yellow Corvette! Seriously....NO FAIR!