Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm in way over my head already...

I'm in BIG trouble. Yup. Big trouble. Today Maddie (6 years old) asked me, whilst I was reading her a book from school, "Why did Jesus choose to die for us on the cross if he could have chosen NOT to do it? I mean, why would he do that? I know God wanted Him to, but Jesus didn't have to, but He did anyway. Why did He do that?" Okay, not too tough right? So we start talking. Then she brings out the big guns. "Mom, how was Jesus down here with us, but He was God, but God was still in heaven? How is there 1 God, but Jesus was here and God was up there?" Um, right. Note to self: Come up with good ways to teach the Trinity to a 6 year old. The apple analogy (peel, fruit, core - 3 parts, one apple) did alright, but I think she's still confused. But hey, that's a right of passage for all good Lutheran's right? If this is her at 6, I shudder to think what we'll be talking about at 12. Better go brush up on my catechism.



Colleen said...

I don't know if this helps, but I use to explain it to my campers as a tree that has one trunk but branches off in three different directions...still one tree, but also three trees. It was a good thing we had such a tree at a camp. Good luck with that!! lol!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cass: My bad on Lindsey's birthday not being posted, must have been half asleep -- its the new recliner.
Great story about Maddy's questions.