Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two Birthdays Down...

Okay, this should finally be the last of the "catch-up" posts. I promise. :O) As many of you know, November is quite the month around here, with two birthdays and Thanksgiving we keep pretty busy! We were blessed to be able to celebrate Kavanaugh and Maddingly's birthdays with MANY friends and family this year. Grandma Sally and Grandpa Paul were there, along with those "Crazy" grandparents from Kansas, and we even had Grandma and Grandpa McMurray here for the weekend from Missouri!! To top it all off, we were able to visit with my brother and sister, whom we haven't seen in QUITE a while. It was so nice to see Travis now that he is safely home from Afghanistan! He is now stationed back in North Carolina, and we miss him already.

We are so grateful for all of the generous gifts given to the children, it was amazing and SO FUN! But most of all we are so thankful for the time spent in sweet fellowship with our family, thanks so much to all of you for coming down to our neck of the woods for our little celebration. Here are some pictures from our day! (Unfortunately, I recorded most of the weekend with my camcorder, which I love dearly, but I have not yet mastered the art of posting videos on this blog just yet. I will work on that so you all can see the family gathering and the opening of the presents!)

The Best Part Of Baking A Cake...

Thanks so much MOM for decorating the cakes, AGAIN! :O)

I baked two round cakes for Kavan's Race Track, and then cut out the middles to make Maddie's own personal "Princess Cake". Two for the price of one and everyone was happy!
Once again, time to measure up. This is the first year we were able to compare the kids' heights, since we didn't start until Maddie was 4. And yes, Kavan is a bit taller than she was at his age. It will be fun to see how Brody measures up to Kavan's 2-year mark this January.

Yes, she actually grew!! A whole 2 and a half inches! ;) She's gonna be a tall one like her mother, I'm just sure of it...

I'm always so amazed at how quickly a year can go by. To think that my baby girl is now 6 completely blows my mind!! She's a big Kindergartener now, and we sure are proud of and thankful for her. She brings a lot of life and spunk into our home, and we couldn't imagine it without her. And Kavan has now left his toddler years behind and is an official "school kid", hitting that 4 year mark before we knew what was happening! His face has changed so much in the last year, no traces of that little baby anymore, just a handsome young man with a big heart. He keeps us on our toes, but he also rewards us with the sweetest cuddles and hugs. It's amazing to think that a year ago his language was still hard to understand, now a days he catches me off guard all the time with the funny grown-up things he says. It's such a marvelous wonder to watch them grow, learn and love with each other. God is so good.

Thanks for stopping by the blog again, it's nice to share the blessings of our home with our friends and family. We are now looking forward to another birthday in January, and hopefully a "birth" day, sometime in between! Up next we'll be posting about some more "seasonal" activities, so check back soon!

The Splitty Family

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Colleen said...

I can't believe Maddy is so my wedding she was just an infant!!!

And Kavan is such a little boy. No more baby that was wheezing in Connecticut!!

And Brody..Brody was in your belly not so long ago!

Crazy crazy crazy!