Thursday, June 14, 2007

Welcome To Our Family Blog

You're probably here because you received an email from us alerting you to the fact that we now have a family blog! We've decided to undertake this endeavor as a means to keep in touch with you, our family and friends. Since most of you are a fair distance from us, this will hopefully be a way for you to keep up with our daily "goings ons" and such. We're new to this technology, so bear with us as we try to keep things organized and tidy here at the blog, and feel free to leave us LOTS of comments! We'll be reading them to the kids and letting them respond! These first few posts will be a game of catch up since we haven't seen some of you in quite some time. We hope you enjoy your time here and that you will visit often.


Dave and Mona said...

Great job on the Blog, we enjoyed each photo and story-- a neat idea indeed. Kitchen looks great!! And I like what you've done with the yard. Kids are growing up fast, we miss them. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we will be on vacation for a week starting Saturday -- flying out to the keystone state to visit Dorothy and company. Travis is in the field this week training so no cell phone. Will talk to him on Saturday. He finishes school on June 29 -- should learn where he will be stationed next week.
Lindsey out of school and working full time, but the job ends in a couple of weeks. By the way, Lindsey is making the trip to PA with us. She made the honor roll, was inducted into National Honor Society and finished the school-year with a 3.8 GPA. She's talking about trying her hand at waitressing at Lenny's, I mean Denny's LOL. They take 17 year olds--apparently no booze on the menu. Build the resume and then move on to the big time like AppleBees and Chilles; better tips and you can serve alcohol at age 18. Subject to change, but the plan now is that Lindsey will attend Longview Community College this fall.
Mona got a promotion last week so she was beaming -- glad she finally got recognized for the hard work and commitment she demonstrates on the job. We repaired the wall and finished painting the basement last weekend, had a little water problem, new carpet schedule to be installed on June 29. Planted a new tree out front a couple of weeks ago, started out slow but it's starting to take off. We pulled the shrubs out in from of the house, but haven't re-planted anything yet. Planted a couple of tomato plants -- they're doing well. I'll be checking your blog from time to time so keep up the good work. Give the kids a hug from us, love you guys -- gotta go, getting up at 4:00am.

Dad said...

Hey Splitgerger family:
We are enjoying our vacation in PA, its been good to get away from the phones and just chill -- you know not really on a schedule just being spontaneous. I've been cheating just a tad, I checked e-mail at work yesterday and that was a mistake. One of my big projects has been delayed AGAIN!! Got to love tax-payer funded projects.
Anyway, Tuesday after dinner we all played put-put golf at a local course -- guys against the girls -- sort of -- Frank, Lindsey and I againt Pam, Dorothy, and Mona. Yes Dorothy played -- she was great; sank several long putts. Frank and I both had a couple of "holes-in-one" so we buried the competition by 10 strokes. Winners got ice cream -- loosers paid.
Went to Atlantic City yesterday for some intense gambling -- lasted all of 20 minutes. Lindsey met up with a friend and spent time on the beach while we strolled the board walk. Quite a contrast from the Pacific, but it was a fun day.
The girls are going shopping today and Frank and I will hang back and take in a movie.
Travis called and has been assigned to Camp Lejuene, North Carolina -- he leaves CA next Thursday. He doesen't know for sure but thinks he will be there until April, 2008 and then be deployed -- probably Iraq. He says he's ready to go, wants to see action and get a combat ribbon -- mom does not share the same enthusiasm. We will pray for his safety.
Enjoy your day, love Dad and family.

The Splitty Family said...

Wow, sounds like the vacation is going really well, and loads of fun! Wish we could be there with you! The put put sounded like a blast, I bet you guys were laughing the whole time! Go Dorothy! :O) Only lasted 20 minutes at Atlantic City eh? Yikes. Well, I guess you didn't play long enough to lose your shirt, lol.

Thanks for the update on Travis. Is he excited about North Carolina? I've heard that the Carolina's are beautiful. Is he right on the water? We'll be praying for his safety as well, and your too as you travel back home! Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog....wheres the pic of u? Cheers! Fletcher (and Noble).