Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yard Days

Things here never seem to slow down, but in a good way! The homestead has been the focus of most of our recent projects, and things are really looking great! Kelly has been putting some major sweat equity into the yard, and here's the pictures to prove it!

This is the garden area at the south end of the back yard, and as most of you know, it had been completely taken over by weeds...well, some asparagus and lilac bushes were holding there own, but mainly weeds. Kelly got all of these lovely rocks from different job sites through his work. He spent an entire weekend arranging them just so, and he did an amazing job! (Kavan and Maddie helped, of course, because nothing's cooler than helping dad in the yard.)

This last weekend Kelly did even more work out there! He's a man on a mission this summer! Those lilacs that you see in the back are all chopped down now. They needed to be, they were so very old! Now they can grow back nice and healthy, as the ones in the front of the garden patch did. Those stepping stones are from Kelly's parents' home, and are now placed in an orderly fashion throughout the cleared patch. Kelly also cleared out the flower beds that are along the south side of our house, so I will put before and after pictures of those on the blog sometime this week. My contribution was weeding out the center island in the back yard and then setting up the sprinkler for the children to run through. (I think Kelly had all the "help" he could handle, so it was time to find something else for them to do!)

You can almost hear the sizzle! Good Clean Fun!

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Paul and Sally said...

Kelly, The backyard looks great. You done good. I know it was alot of work but the outcome is worth it, isn't it? Keep it up. mom and dad