Thursday, August 23, 2007

School Days

This was Maddingly's first week back to preschool, and she was SO delighted! She is now in the 3-a-week (MWF) program and is loving going to school more frequently. Part of her excitement stemmed from the fact that we went to the open house last week and received her first ever "homework" assignment. She set to work immediately and enjoyed diligently attending to it all weekend. It was an "All About Me" poster, and she did ALL the work herself! (Including the cutting, with mommy supervision of course!) She's growing up so quickly! My baby girl will be 5 YEARS OLD in only a few short months! YIKES! Where does the time go? All I can say is, really enjoy and cherish those childhood years, they certainly don't stay small for long.

The new HOT pink folder

The Homework Project

The Locker

Bye Mom, I got it from here...

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Colleen said...

Grown-up Maddy!! I like her little dress and her about me poster.