Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Big Boy Bike!

Kavanaugh had his first taste of biker life today. Here he is with his new set of wheels.

He's been doing a great job. A few scuffs here and there, but he's tough!
To the open road!

Now we're all set to travel to the pool and back all summer long! Except now mommy needs a bike.....we'll keep you updated on that front, as it should be pretty interesting, lol!

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Lisa said...


I am wondering if we are related. My name is Lisa Splittgerber and my grandfather was Eldor Splittgerber who grew up near Scotia, Nebraska. My father is Allan Splittgerber and he was born in Albion. He married a girl from Primrose, NE. My grandfather taught German for many years in Colombus, NE. I myself grew up in MN.

Does it sound like there's a link to you? I have a limited knowledge of my family history, but as far as I know there were no more relatives left in NE on the Splittgerber side. Still, it would be a very great coincidence to have two different families with the same unusual last name.