Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let's go fly a Kite!

Well, it is with a heavy heart that I post here today. I had such a great line-up of pictures to show you all of our day of kite flying! I even had the great fortune of getting some really awesome shots of the kites from the ground and some really fun ones of the kids wrangling their kites against the wind. But alas, it was not meant to be. For today I have turned on my camera only to find 60 pictures of random stuffed animals and other inanimate objects from around my home, and NO KITE PICTURES. I love my children, seriously, I do. But, it's in these moments that a woman wants to pull her hair so hard that it makes her cry and then stomp around the house in a blind tantrum of frustration. But she doesn't, and that's what makes her a mother. We quelch it. We take a deep breath and move on. So here I am, telling instead of showing, which is fine. :O)
It was the second day we had gotten the kites out and it was SO windy. Nebraska windy. Nebraska Spring windy. Blow a toddler over windy. And so, being the stunningly brilliant mind that I am, I thought, "Sure, let's fly the kites!" It actually wasn't a complete disaster, the kids got the kites all the way up, using all the string. (Insert groan of disappointment here for lack of photographic evidence.) But then it got even more gusty and Kavan's poor little Thomas kite just wasn't up for the challenge. Tears flowing, hopes dashing...What's a mother to do?? Improvise of course. This next would-be picture was of his kite flying bravely in the air with a strange object attached to it's tail. I knew what his kite needed was a bit more weight to stay steady, so I looked around for the perfect item. And lo and behold, what lay behind my home? But a corn field of course! So I grabbed an old cob and tied it to the tail of the kite and off if soared into the heavenly realm of blue sky! And that, my friends, is how you fly a kite in Nebraska. Windy Nebraska.

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Colleen said...

So..when do you get your own magazine for mothers who invent corn cob kits??? By the way, you need to comment on my blogs person!!!