Thursday, July 31, 2008

Heritage Days

Well, it's that time again!! Our village held their annual heritage days this past weekend and it was lots of fun....even if we did lose half our body weight in sweat. Here is the slideshow of the days spent at the horse rides, the petting zoo and the train rides!! We got to ride in the parade on the school float and the kids were allowed to throw treats, so they had a blast. We ended the weekend with a bang, literally, with a really great fireworks show!! I was quite impressed by what the little village did with the weekend. Hope you enjoy the slideshow!!


Colleen said...

Kavan is SOOOO CUTE!!

The Luebbe Family said...

So sad that we missed this! Paul's wedding was the same weekend. I remember going on that train last year, pregnant with Hannah, and getting totally sick on it. I felt AWFUL afterward. :) Looks like you sat it out, good thing mama! Looking forward to hearing all about your ultrasound on Wednesday!!! Can't wait!