Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beany Bounty

Well, the garden did get put in, and looked so lovely, really it did. I planted Kale, lots of different lettuces, broccoli, cabbage, corn, beans, and some other trial ideas. Everything was going fairly well....and then the nausea set in. Oh did it ever. Going outside and bending over to pick weeds was about the farthest thing from my mind for the last couple of months. Kelly has been a champ about weeding for me on and off when he has a spare moment. The rain has been amazing and we've only had to water sporadically. (Except when we first planted the seeds, then I watered twice a day for 2 weeks. Yeah, that was BEFORE I got sick.) Anywho, everything has grown amazingly well considering the terrible neglect they've all suffered! Here are a few pictures of the bountiful harvest.

So the corn got REALLY TALL! The corn in the fields is so deceiving! I never knew it was 6 feet tall!! These rows were actually planted a week apart to "stagger the harvest".

This one has three ears growing!

This is some "salad bowl" lettuce

And this is "Green Leaf" lettuce. We can all see the difference right??

This is our apricot tree in the far back of the yard, heavy laden with teeny apricots.

Unfortunately it is now our LONE apricot tree because the storm last week split the other one in half! I will have pictures up of all the damage the straight wind did here in our town sometime soon.

Lots of Yellow Lillies

These are the bush beans I planted. I only did two "squares" of them, which means a 1'x1' space. We have quite a harvest from only these 18 plants! I will definitely plant these again.

Kavan and I picked the first round of the beans just last night. He loves to help in the kitchen.

He washed them all up for me!
Here's Maddie holding the first beany bounty in a gallon ziploc. Can't you see how excited she is to get to eat those later?!

Well, that's it for this Splitty Yard update. I do hope that I am feeling better soon, because I would like to try a fall garden. A lot of people prefer it because of the more comfortable temps and the lower amount of weeds! Both sound good to me!



P.S. Edited to add: I would be remiss not to mention that Kelly has been working super hard to get our huge pile of branches and such taken care of from the very back of the yard. He has reached his goal and the whole pile has been burned! Thanks for your help Tony! Kelly also took on the herculean task of mowing the entire yard with the push mower this weekend, since our rider has a broken part which is apparently difficult to find. Let's just have a moment of silence for the hours spent toiling behind that lovely push mower in the balmy sun all over 3/4 of an acre, shall we? Thanks, I think Kelly would appreciate it. We raise our tall, icy cold glasses of lemonade to you hon! LOVE YOU!!

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Colleen said...

I LOVE the garden. I am so jealous! Someday, when we actually get a house I will have a garden. Until then, I will envy yours....love lettuce...it looks really good. I'm telling ya..when the oil war comes, we are moving to YOUR house! YAY!