Monday, July 14, 2008

Music and Mozzarella

Thursday we went to a great event at the Children's Museum of Lincoln called Music and Mozzarella. They offer live music and entertainment from 5-7 and then include some yummy pizza and breadsticks!! The music is free and the mozzarella is pretty cheap, so it was a great way to spend the evening with the kiddos. Since it's outside at the Children's Museum, we HAD to check out the inside as well! We went ahead and purchased a family pass for the year, which is a really great deal for a family our size! It will be paid for in only three visits, and the kids absolutely love it! Kavan has woken up everyday since with "We go to the museum today?" being the first thing coming from his mouth! Here are a few highlight photos of the day, we will hopefully be going again soon! (I was going to do another slide show, but a few family members are having a hard time getting them to load, so here they are all laid out for ya!)


The Prairie Dog Tunnels


Brody the dancer...Always performing!That's her motorcycle mamma face...her Grandpa Dave would be so proud :O)

Even away from home, Thomas the Train is his favorite thing!

Brody liked the little girl just as much as the trains... That's my boy!

This was a big hit with Maddie and Kavan, a space shuttle with working lights and sounds that had a launch sequence that they could activate as well. Pretty cool.

Cutest fireman ever!
We met up with lots of our friends for the music and mozzarella part of the evening. Yummy!
See, we took up the whole side of the lot! Utica was representin'!

Seriously Mom, do I have to wear this thing, it is SO embarrasing! Hard at play...
She painted her OWN face this time, and she did a great job! :O)


Colleen said...

That looks like fun! What a great idea! Sometime you must make the trip up to St. Louis to the "City Museum". It is the most AMAZING children's museum I have seen. It's completely made of recycled trash and it's the most beautiful, crazy, artistic place in the world. Ryan and I would go sometimes..and we have no kids! Their on the roof of the building and kids climb through tunnels that go around and OUTSIDE the's amazing. Anyways..worth the trip from Kansas City for sure sometime!!

Colleen said...

Sarah said...

Your children are too cute! I LOVE the children's museum here in Denver. So many cool things--I "borrow" children to take to teh museum so I can see the neat stuff too! :) I'm sure you'll get your three trips plus to pay for that family pass!