Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Side Note

I just wanted to explain some of the new little features we have placed on the blog for those of you who don't frequent the bloggy world very often. On our sidebar down the right side of the screen there is a music player. You can pause this player, or you can pick which song you want to listen to by clicking on it. The first song that plays each time right now is a song by Faith Hill from her latest Christmas Album, the lyrics are fabulous and the melody is almost haunting, I hope you enjoy it. And yes, it's about Baby Jesus...not my baby. :O) Further down the sidebar we have been keeping a fmaily calendar for anyone needing to know birthdays, events or dr. appointments. Let us know if we need to add anything! At the VERY BOTTOM of the blog is a "baby ticker". This is a little bar calendar that counts down the days to this next baby's due date, telling you how many days are left and how baby is developing. It's pretty neat! I think that just about covers all the new bells and whistles around here for now. Drop us a line sometime to let us know how you are doing!

The Splitty Family

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Colleen said...

I LOVE the new layout..SO PRETTY!!!